"There are many illustrators around town. Any creative person's inbox is testament to the fact. But there are very few with the CV of Dean Mortensen. An accomplished and awarded art director with a career spanning many decades, Dean produces boards, animatics and key visuals with a creatives' eye and understanding of narrative. And that’s what makes him so unique in the industry. That ability to successfully bridge the divide between what a creative department is thinking and what ultimately ends up being rendered. Highly conceptual, astoundingly fast, with a beautifully cinematic approach to his compositions and highly aesthetic line, Dean is the best illustrator in Australia. Hands down.”


BART PAWLAK Executive Creative Director - 303 Mullen Lowe Sydney



"Dean brings a perspective to visualizing that very few other storyboard artists can. And that is understanding not just the look but the intention and the idea. He understands how to capture the essence and the meaning and communicate it through his extraordinary talent ."


SEAN CUMMINS Principal & Chief Executive Officer - Cummins & Partners



"When you look at his drawings, you soon realize Dean is one of those rare artists who understands camera angles, lenses, and narrative. From the initial briefing to final delivery he completely gets it, he’s lightning fast at rendering a scene, and brings a graphic quality to each frame that adds a dynamism to a Director’s shooting board, making it easy to get a client to imagine the finished picture. He's great at capturing the emotional intent of the scene through in the expression on the characters, and this really helps set the tone of the story and gives the client confidence in the story we are telling."


ADAM BLAIKLOCK  Director -Hecktown Films



"Dean understands every facet of how to bring an idea to life, after all he has been in the practice of doing it for over 25 years. His ideas have made brands famous, and his passion to his craft is second to none. He was - and still is - one of the few art directors who can truly draw - and can draw as well as any illustrator. It's a skill that is sadly bereft in this business. And as such, his conceptual grasp of a script doesn't only set his boards apart from the common-or-garden storyboarder out there, it elevates the idea to a sell-able proposition."


ROB BELGIOVANE Group Chief Creative Officer - BWM DENTSU

"As the Marketing Director of Avis Car Rental I worked with Dean for over 10 years - in my nearly 40 years of working with agencies I have rarely found a relationship with a creative partner in which they grasp a complete understanding of our brand tone and personality - and our strategies to the same degree and can translate that in a constructive, two way process with the client - great job Deano."


GREG PETERSEN Retired - formerly Marketing Director AVIS CAR RENTAL (1995 - 2014)